The Green Quaint Village

The small mountainous village of Ramlieh is located in the Aley district in the heart of Mount Lebanon. Situated at 650m, the village is 42km far from Beirut and 20km from the City of Aley.
It is a tranquil rural village known for the beauty of its landscapes and the diversity of its forests that blanket more than 36% of its total area. It is one of the major ecotourism destinations in Lebanon, attracting many tourists and visitors from Lebanon and abroad. The unique outdoor activities offered in the village, together with its distinguishing native tree nurseries that produce hundreds of thousands of local seedlings and tree species give the village a distinctive “green identity”. Its old traditional sites and aged oak and olive trees, in addition to its unique hiking trails are a must-visit.
The village’s population amounts to 1500 (220 households). 30% of the village’s labor force is composed of farmers. Ramlieh is well-known for its high quality natural honey and several other rural and agricultural products.